Westminster Dog Show 2011  

The Westminster Dog Show is one of the premier competitions in the US. According to the official website, six breeds will be making their Westminster debuts in 2011 now that they have been recognized by the American Kennel Club and made eligible for competition in conformation shows.


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Famous dogs  


The tragic Queen of France Marie Antoinette, who was beheaded on the Guillotine, owned a spaniel dog named Thisbe.

Bullseye - Fictional Dog from Oliver Twist

Bullseye was the famous dog belonging to the villain Bill Sykes dog in the book called Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. The dog was vicious having been badly treated by Bill Sykes but nevertheless was loyal to his owner.

Suening - The Dog King
King Eystein who ruled Norway between 1104 and 1123 decreed that, as a punishment to his people, that a dog called Suening should rule in his place. Three years passed where Suening routinely signed decrees with with paw-prints!

Cafall - Noble Dog of King Arthur

Cafall is reputed to be the dog who was owned by King Arthur of Camelot. Cafall was a mighty dog, brave, loyal and regal. The type of dog only a King such as Arthur was able to own.

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Finding The Perfect Pet Friendly Accommodation  

Written by:  Samuell Armstrong

As more people choose to take pets along on family holidays, the need to find accommodation that is pet friendly is increasing. Here are some ways to locate information about holiday rental properties that welcome pets.

Pet Friendly Property Features
One of the most popular means of finding pet friendly resorts and accommodations is to conduct searches on the Internet. This will allow you to look at the specific types of amenities offered by each pet friendly accommodation, and determine if they would be a good fit for both your family and your pet.

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Dog Bless You  

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